A Website to keep track of the position on Euro bills.
You enter the serial number of your Euro bill and if someone enters the number again, you will be notified about the current whereabout of your bill. May it be 10km away or a different country.
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A Website for those who like to modify or repair their cars themselfs.
The site features a ahowcase where you can display your car with multiple images and text.
Additionally there is a blog where you can write about you and your car.
Also on the site is the beginning of a knowledge base aobut all things around cars
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Added to jaboi on:April, 10th 2008
This site offers an database to check for hostnames of an IP or to get alternative names for a given name.

Normally only one name per IP is returned by the tools used by the operating system.

This database may have more than one name stored.
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Ever tried to send someone a link that was rather large and it got corrupted by an email client,
or tried to write the link down and noticed your paper isn't large enough?
This ends with

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