What is this site about

Well, this site is about collecting and promoting various ideas from all around the globe.
There will be some successfull and some strange ideas, but who cares ;)


There are no costs at all to have your idea presented here.
Neither direct or indirect.
But if you want to donate for this service, you are free to do so.

Soon we will add more features, some of them may require payment to use. The basic services will stay free.


You are not limited to ideas about computer, or web.
Every idea is welcome, even if it is very "unusual".
But we will never add or tolerate ideas which are illegal (to our awareness) or contain offensive intentions.


Those ideas presented here are copyrighted by their creator, neither the staff of this site owns the idea or the description of it.
Unless stated otherwise, to reproduce any content or ideas you need the written permission from the original author.
Linking to the site is allowed an encouraged.


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